Tantra like Yoga or Zen, is a path of self-knowledge to achieve enlightenment, which has its roots in India.

It is also named “science of ecstasy.”

Tantra awakens in us the awareness of spiritualizing and preserving our vital energy and the need to achieve a balance of the opposites energies: masculine and feminine within ourselves.






 KUNDALINI SHAKTI MASSAGE is an holistic energy healing treatment. 



Kundalini Shakti energy healing massage gives you inner peace and Bliss.


Heavy and dense energy in your body and mind will be replaced for lightness and positivity.


 The session helps you reconnect with your higher Self and uncovers the need to find a deeper meaning of your Life.



During the Kundalini Shakti massage your whole body will be pampered with warm almond oil. You will feel yourself go between soft and energetic touches into a journey of self discovery. The softness and depth of the sensations awakened during the session are unforgettable. 


The treatment channels your energy to transform it, and removes negative energetic blockages that disconnect you from your true self.


Kundalini Shakti massage increases your personal magnetism and aura.


It  also connects you with your sensuality and the joy of living, by offering you the experience of acknowledging your vital energy as your inner power.

A deeper understanding of your energy and its power happens, when you integrate it within yourself and you suddenly become energized, feeling refreshed and alive again.



A session of 2 hours onwards is recommended.  

From 4 hours you are likely to experience a spiritual awakening, 

 The therapist will guide you into this very special journey. We offer healing work proficient in all tantric massage techniques to help you have a sensual and spiritual experience, where you will feel recharge and refreshed, regaining self- balance and inner harmony.


Kundalini Shakti massage activates the flow of vital energy throughout the body and its effective channelling towards the heart, allowing you to experience an intimate and loving fullness within yourself. It is a whole body, mind and soul healing that works giving the following remarkable effects:



  1. Facilitates the spiritual awakening and the expansion of consciousness.
  2. Awakens the sensuality in the body through sensual touch. Through the feeling of the different sensations and the relaxed breathing pattern, we connect deep within ourselves in a relaxing state where we are present, here and now.
  3. Focuses on the psychic energy centers of the body to reset the natural flow, giving you a feeling of balance and fullness.
  4. Shows you how to increase your Life force without wasting vital energy.
  5. A deep relaxation state is achieved, favoring the rejuvenation of the nervous system and the healing of the cellular memory.
  6. Stress and anxiety release.
  7. Elimination of stiffness in the body and emotional negative energy, thus bringing a sense of relief and inner transformation.
  8. Your mind recovers its clarity and its power of concentration.
  9. It removes energetic blockages and knots that are affecting your life negatively.
  10. Bliss and inner peace experiences have been reported as benefits from the session. 
  11. The relaxing effects last from 5-7 days after receiving the treatment, sometimes even more.
  12. You will experience an increase in your personal magnetism. 

        The session puts you in a deep relaxation state and gives an inner feeling of peace.

        Every session is different and customized specially for you.

        Deep healing is on its way, by the grace of divine timing.


        Your purpose in Life should be to discover your true Self.

        Duration from 1 hour up to 6 hours.

        From 1 hour 200 Euro




 Velvet TouchThe art of Love in Tantra massage  has a peak in the sensitive massage with the velvet touch technique. Velvet touch is a  very slow and superficial caress, that is done while pouring warm oil on  the body allowing an almost magical  slide with the hands. The caress is ethereal, peaceful…like velvet on the skin. A very soft and special caress full of love and tenderness, like a balm for the heart and soul. Velvet touch is not a technique, it is a creation. The body becomes a canvas where the brushstrokes flow, connect themselves and bring light to the soul. Velvet touch brings deep relaxation. Velvet touch touches  the heart.


Shiva LingamTo those who want to awaken and channel their vital energy. The session is very intense. it is given only in the frontal part of the body with the focus on the connection between the root chakra and the heart.


Tao TantraIntense massage with pressure in specific points. The aim of the massage is to balance the feminine and masculine energies in the body (yin/yan).


Lotus feetIntense massage done with the feet.


Silk Touch/Nuru massageA session that embraces you fully.


Deep Tantra/Bondageyou will experience new sensations as this session is given with your eyes covered and the option to be tied up. Surprises and a rest for the eyes. When one sense is suppressed the rest of the senses intensify themselves.


Shiva PearlFor the sybarite.  A playful massage given with a pearl necklace. A divine surprise for the senses.


From 1 hour 200 Euro up to 6 hours.






A beautiful divine unforgettable experience that you can offer to yourself.

The 5 senses will be awakened: smell, touch, taste, sound, sight: your eyes can be covered also to intensify sensations.


Madya: 4 hours 800 EuroThe awakening of the five senses through an unforgetable adoration ritual, where you will feel like a divinity. Please confirm this session in advance. The massage will be a combination of all the massage modalities.


Devi: 3 hours 650 Euro adoration ritual + Fusion+Chaise Longue


Shiva-Shakti: 3,5 hours 650 Euro

The ritual include a Tantric meditation, tantric hugs, and Velvet touch and silk touch massage. A beautiful divine experience.


Jewel Ritual 2,5 hrs 500 Euro. Shiva/Shakti workship, Pearl Shiva Lingam and Fusion.


Ritual for couples 2 hours 600 Euro

During the session you will learn a salutation ritual followed by a tantra massage of 1,5 hours. Enjoy this experience together.


Ultimate ritual 6 hours. Indulge in the ultimate tantra experience special for you.






The main purpose of a tantra workshop for couples is to show you, how to experience with the beloved, a blissful inner journey to be felt in your heart, beyond the physical plane, beyond the senses. It is a wonderful opportunity to explore a new way of intimacy.


You will be able to go deep within, offering to your partner, from an aware and relaxed state of being: presence, intimate touch, attention, loving care and generosity. This deep connection will uplift  your mutual Love to unsuspected levels.


The workshops enable the creation of a sacred space, to share with your partner, spiritual intimacy in a soft, playful and loving way. You will learn the importance of sensual touch, stillness, mutual breathing, conscious presence and the joy and pleasure of giving from the heart, beyond time and space.

You will also practice exercises that will guide you in the proper channeling of your vital energy to avoid Life force loss for rejuvenation.



The workshops will take you both to a blissful kingdom of inner loving peace, where you will reunite once again in an eternal embrace.


Tantric Initiation: 2,5 hours: 350 Euro

Salutation ritual

Tantric Hugs I

Tantric exercises

Opening the heart

Conscious touch/ loving touch


This workshop is the first welcoming step to the world of Tantra. It gives the couples the opportunity to refresh their Love once again to melt together as one in the heart.

You will learn tantric techniques that focus on the mutual devotion to each other.



I.The creation of the sacred and intimate space 4 hours: 550 Euro

Adoration ritual

Play with elements

Tantric Hugs II

Advanced Tantric exercises 

Marma Tantra Massage


This workshop goes a bit deeper in sensual touch and intimacy and it offers a beautiful worship part.


II. Tantra Massage and Yoni/Lingam 6 hours: 900 Euro

You will learn how to awaken your partner´s heart while exploring his/her most intimate zone.

Adoration ritual

Awakening the heart


Tantric meditation

Yoni/Lingam Massage

Sacred point massage

Big Draw


A workshop for couples ready to experience advance tantric techniques and go deep into tantric healing touch. It can be done in 2 consecutive days. 


III. Advance tantra massage techniques 12 hours: 1800 Euro

In this workshop you will go deep into healing sensual touch and deep relaxation techniques, exploring a world of new pleasurable possibilities.

*this workshop can be done in 2-3 consecutive days

The Art of full body Tantra massage

Silk touch

Velvet touch

Deep Tantra

Pearl Shiva Lingam


The main goal of this workshop is to learn the full body tantra massage to be able to give it properly, but not professionally. Learn also the advance techniques of sensual touch and intimacy.


The workshop is 100% customized. The schedule will be organized mutually in accordance between the couple and the therapist.