The purpose of human life is to regain the lost awareness of its essential divine status of being an eternal, immortal, blissful spirit being with cosmic consciousness.


Non awareness of this central truth binds every human being in a repeated cycle of numerous births and deaths and confines us to a lower plane of existence where pain, suffering and misery is felt very intensely.


Glanz meditation is a center for spiritual growth in Barcelona, where you are invited to temporarily leave behind the usual daily distractions, to pursue self-knowledge, relaxation and an inner transformation.  

We don't follow any particular religion, sect or cult. We do not discriminate due to race, gender, culture or age. Everybody seeking to discover and follow the path to self-knowledge and self-awareness is welcome. We are devoted to the path of spirituality and self-realization.


We believe we are all human beings in a global world, striving for inner peace, happiness and freedom. The spiritual practices and teachings  that we offer, belong to the eternal ancient wisdom of the world and their goal is to release you from human suffering.


We all have healing to do. Trauma is at its core a disconnection from our higher true Self. It expresses as depression, emptiness, despair, deep loneliness and anxiety. Broken is the feeling created by trauma. Wholeness and Bliss are our true nature.



Our treatments: meditation, yoga nidra, energy healing massage, Reiki, etc... focus on a deep holistic healing to help you connect with your true Self.

Their main aim is to help you release old limiting patterns of behavior that you keep on repeating endlessly in different scenarios.

The treatments facilitate deep states of relaxation, where you will experience inner peace.


Our workshop and courses focus on ancient wisdom and spiritual sciences.




We are a group of specialized therapists in holistic treatments with a common goal:  to facilitate others the way to unfold their inner wisdom and truth. 






Ananda Hall is our space for the practice of Yoga and meditation.


We have private rooms for energy healing therapies, consultation and workshops.






*member rights and facilities:

discounts in our activities, yoga and meditation classes.

+we are currently welcoming new annual memberships.+