REIKI means universal life force energy, a vital psychic force that flows through all living things.

This universal energy is all around us. We can use this energy to heal ourselves and others, at all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

This energy not only heals, but also helps in enlightening a person in the spiritual path. Reiki can be used for manifesting goals also.

The healing energy flows from the source (the cosmos around us), through the healer´s crown center, heart and hands to the physical, mental and emotional bodies of the person.

When a person is attuned, he/she becomes a channel and the Reiki energy starts flowing from his/her hands. The person remains a Reiki channel for Life and can use this energy for his/her benefit and that of others. How a person feels the Reiki energy after attunement is very difficult to explain. Each person may feel it in a different manner, this can only be experienced and can´t be expressed in words.

When a person gives Reiki, he/she is compassionate, full of love and has a beautiful feeling of flow of this healing energy.



Many spiritual seekers benefit from the opening that Reiki brings into their spiritual path: inner peace, inner balance and an increase power in their meditation practice. Reiki gives a purpose and a meaning in the spiritual path.



Reiki Usui and Karuna energy healing sessions:


Reiki energy healing and spiritual mentoring sessions to bring clarity, inner strength, peace and Love to your Life.



1. Clears out energy blockages.

2. Raises your vibration to improve mental, emotional and physical health, relationships, career.

3. Helps to overcome stress, anxiety, depression, offers support for inner recovery to experience contentment, balance, peace, abundance and happiness.

4. Clears out and dissipates negativity, energy vampires, dark entities.

5. Guides to discover Life´s purpose, inner truth, facilitates the experience of higher states of consciousness, brings self-awareness and an awakening to a deeper and more meaningful reality.

6. Improves meditation and concentration power.

7. Effective channel of vital energy to balance and recharge the psychic energy centers in the body, improving general health and relaxation.




 Reiki fills up your heart with loving and peaceful energy. You will feel nurtured and balanced.

Includes chakra balancing and Reiki symbols for a deep relaxation state.



PRICE of the Reiki treatment:

30 min      50  Euro

1 hour      100 Euro

1,5 hours 150 Euro


The Reiki treatment  includes an extra time for therapy consultation to unblock the specific concern if required.



Reiki Usui attunements and Courses:


Level I (physical level)

Learn how to heal yourself and others in the physical plane.

The first Reiki attunement may be powerful for you. It means a starting point in the path of spiritual development and self-knowledge.

You will feel warm energy coming out of your hands, you can  heal.

Price of the course:

2 consecutive days: 350 Euro


Level II (emotional and mental level)

The attunement sets you up to start healing on a mental and emotional plane.

An introduction to energy symbols and the distant energy symbol. You can send energy healing beyond space and time.

 Price of the course:

1 day: 400 Euro


LEVEL III (spiritual level)

Enter in the ultimate state of Reiki Healing: the spiritual level, a soul level.

Price: attunement 1 day: 500 Euro


Learn how to become a Reiki Master: 1100 Euro